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Primary Goals

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  • Last updated:2022-02-24
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The first important job of the prosecutors office is to prosecute crimes and to conduct the execution of criminal judgement, so as to enhance investigation and attack on corruption, to eliminate organized crimes, to conduct investigation on drugs strictly, to prevent against smuggling, to inspect and eliminate burglary, to investigate crimes on damage to ecology of the national land, to investigate election bribery thoroughly, to investigate felony rapidly, to prevent children and juveniles from sexual transaction, to investigate crimes related to intelligent property rights, to crack cases on economic and computer crimes etc. The purpose is to clarify government administrations, to purify election style, to solidify democracy political foundation. Thus, our citizens will be free from the harm by drugs and crimes, and will enjoy the safety of life, freedom and properties. Furthermore, we also focus on the enforcement of parole and probation and regeneration of adult criminals on the one hand so that the criminals who committed crimes unintentionally could be relocated. Moreover, we value the protection of victims on the other hand so that the victims and/or their family could obtain compensation from the government.



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